Protect yourself agains electrosmog devices!

The lifetime is 30 years.


The effect is immediate, after the protection is placed on the device.


It weights only few grammes.


Most of the products have stickers .



Tervica IGS-5LP

Cell phone

Tervica IGS-HB

Hearing aid, glasses, bra

Tervica IGS-A1

Monitor, notebook

Tervica IGS-A2

DECT telephone station, clock radio, electric bed, LCD TV, LED TV, TFT screen, notebook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13''

Tervica IGS-A3

Babyphone, metal bed, rotating chair LCD TV, LED TV, notebook, MacBook Pro 15'', iPad, Power-LAN

Tervica IGS-A4

PC, game console, waterbed, Plasma TV, LCD TV, LED TV, iMac 21'', iPad

Tervica IGS-A5

Electric meter, electrical board, Wifi, solar energy converter, iMac 27'', MacPro

Tervica IGS-PWS50B

Individual protection (1 piece)

Tervica IGS-GK40

Individual protection

Tervica IGS-3RS

Living room

Flatantenna 5G - IGS-FA50 for IGS-3RS

Tervica IGS-LSk

Electric meter, car, truck

Tervica IGS-LSk-Star

To wear on you as protection

Tervica IGS-KSg

ø200mm, apartment, house, conference room, antenna natel, wind turbine

Tervica IGS-KSk

ø124mm, source neutralization

Disc amplifier 5G - IGS-FA50MV for IGS-KSg and IGS-KSk

Tervica IGS-KRg

House, building, antenna natel, wind turbine, grouding

Tervica IGS-KRk

Cold water pipe, heating, photovoltaic installation grounded, gas inlet, geothermal, solar heating

Total 0 CHF


With this magic patch, I no longer feel like losing my balance when I use my cell phone!

Pierre-Alain B.

No more buzzing in the head. Thank you again for offering me!

Anne-Marie C.